• Downtown

    When it comes to any ideals you might have had about Utah, when you come downtown you will be plesently surprised. The city is urban, sleek , diverse and very much alive. Our central hub for music, the arts, festivals, amazing shopping and stellar food it's the work commute for most of the city and where you go to play on the weekend! There are too many amazing things to really single out an one, but the Farmer's Market brings the Utah community together every weekend.

    My favorite things

    Quarters Bar

    Downtown Farmers Market

    The Leonardo



    Oh the Aves how much I love you, I mean how can you not? Northeast of downtown SLC, this hood is known for steep hills, beautiful homes and a diverse mix of locals, students, business people from all over the world. Despite being a epicenter for the University of Utah, outdoor enthusiast, and LDS hospital you will find this area pretty quiet. Amazing views, quaint local shops and its own liquor store, I would have to say the Avenues is one of my favorite neighborhoods. No matter who you are or where you come from, you'll find the "aves" welcoming and very community oriented.

    Spots with Falavor

    Avenues Proper 376 E 8th ave

    Bistro on 3rd  564 E third AVE

    Publik Coffee.


    Sugarhouse got it's name for having the right soil to grow sugar beets. South east of the city SUG has a charm of it's own, and although rush hour traffic can be a cluster, this neighborhood is worth it. With Sugar House Park in the center your view of the Wasatch Mountains is outstanding. You will find diversity, food, pubs, two natural food stores, some great thrift stores, charming bungalows and a thriving business community; not to mention a great new vibe every fall when  students come to Westminster College for the new year. Add a few fun high schools, a Boys &Girls Club, movies and the local rec center and you're good to go.

    Favorite local spot in the city- Dancing Crane Imports.

    my favs

    dancing crane imports

    Sugarhouse Park

    Sugarhouse Coffee

    RAunch records


    Salt Lake's westside neighborhood is the most culturally diverse, with an highly immigrant population you will find food that will knock your socks off and a multicultural vibe found nowhere else in Utah. The community is filled with history that goes back generations as well as some amazing green spaces away from the city. It hosts the International Peace Gardens, Salt Lake Community College , skate parks, The Maverick Center ,farms and runs along the Jordan River. The west side of the city is HUGE. You will find an amazing community and community activities going on all over. With the State Fairpark and Sorenson Multicultural and Unity center you will find plenty of places to engage with every facet of the city. 


    International Peace gardens

    Guitar Center

    The WEsterner Bar

  • 9TH & 9TH


    You don't find old school movie theatres many places these days, but come to 9th and 9th and enjoy Tower Theatre; hosting cult classics to Sundance films to weekend midnight horror flicks, it's central to the 9th and 9th community. Right next door enjoy one of the cities best and longest running coffee houses (The Coffee Garden) 9th & 9th has it all. Diverse and rich with local food its funky, walkable and has amazing niche shops as well as Liberty Park (which is rad), you will find everything in walking distance. Central 9th hosts the cities Southeast Asian Market, vegan favorite - Vertical Diner  as well as an up and coming local art scene and new buildings going up almost daily it seems, you will love spending time in this all inclusive community minded part of the city.

    My favs

    Coffee Garden

    Tower Theatre

    The Rebublican




    East Bench is  residential,  and an outdoor lovers dream. With quick access to the Wasatch Mountains you will be hard pressed to not see runners, bikers and hikers all year round.

    Utah’s Hogle Zoo is next to the is a draw for the whole city and a quick drive east of the Zoo, you will find Emigration Canyon, home to many residents  yet due to its quick proximity to downtown the canyon can get a bit packed during the summer months with bikers and runners.  A little farther south you will find Millcreek Canyon, Big and Little Cottonwood Canyon which is packed with climbers during the summer and fall, and riders and skiers from all over the word during the snow season.

    Although it’s tempting to head into the city every weekend, remember that one of the benefits of being nestled in the mountains themselves is that you’re nestled in the mountains themselves. Take advantage of proximity to the great outdoors and get out and be WILD!


    Emigration Canyon

    Big & Little Cottonwood Canyon

    Millcreek Canyon

    Red Butte Gardens

Beverly Stoddard



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