Classic charm vs modern progression. Where is the middle?

Updated: Feb 8, 2019

As every experience in my life has given me perspective. I'm finding that in real estate, perspective is subjective; filled with lines, light, angles, views ,vision, history,design trends, geography and passion which just touches the surface. Inside of all of those things there is also humanity as behind every authentic creation is.. a human (or whatever) creating and expierencing.

So as I'm strolling through my instagram feed, full of images that are captivating architectural perfection deeply thought provoking, I find myself inside a home built in the 1940's with most of its orginal body intact and from my perspective I'm seeing and experiencing a space of grandur. Yes it is old, and hasn't had modern changes made to it, yet it is perfection with it's original manicured hardwood floors, checkered tiles and this view out of a large glass window overlooking the hood I grew up in I find .....perspective . I'm in the upper Aves and whether you're a Utah local by birth, by circumstance or any other avenue, I feel most would agree it is unique and has a bit of charm to it.

Cut to my instagram feed with home structures from all around the world to homes right here in the Valley,and from my perspective I see so many things about the way we live, progress, change, the desire to preserve, the desire to create and a conflict at times, between creating cutting edge design and preserving classic beauty. So where is the balance?

When I was 8 years old I remember running the streets in the aves with the Worthington kids, getting ice cream at LDS hospital and candy at the Eigth Avenue Meat and Grocery Market. The neighboorhood held a special piece of something that I didn't quite understand until I grew up a bit and got some perspective. I feel the same about our other local neighborhoods like Cap Hill and SugarHood.

Over the years and with progression things have changed and things have stayed the same. Homes get old and they for sure need updating, improvements and as home owners, we have the right to be free to express our homes however we feel fit. There is beauty, so much in the new details that are availble for one to upgrade their home, and as we have progressed with architecture, design and overall real estate concepts, I find in myself a conflict ,becuase I do belive in preserving the charm and uniqueness of our environment, and as I'm scrolling through my instagram feed and out in the neighborhoods, what I'm finding from my perspective is at times too much modernaziton of the classics. The architecture and design current day is beyond amazing and rather stunning, yet for me it's all beginning to look very much the same. Sharp edges, huge spaces, exteriors that look the same as the next,are in such contrast with some of the classic homes that make a neighboorhood unique and historical. I see disruption in that, which I'm not saying is bad, yet it leaves me conflicted. Conflicted because I love the modern interiors of homes, the lines, the light - open concept everything yet I also love a softness that comes with older classic homes, its curves and its overall feel of a simplier time in life inside of the history of what had been in that home at that time. Visions of Franklyn Llyod Wright type of designs that seems to be dissapearing into the backround, considered outdated and bulldozed out of culture only to be remembered in old books and photographs which eventually just get lost.