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Are you wondering how you can turn your living space into a stunning home that every modern minimalist would love?

Turning your living space into a modern-day minimalist’s dream doesn’t have to be hard, expensive, or time-consuming.

Here you’ll find tips and tricks to create practical, functional, and simple living spaces designed specifically for my minimalist minded friends.

If your philosophy is living with less, keep reading because this post is all about solutions to create the perfect modern minimalist home.

Perfect Modern Minimalist House

You may be looking for the perfect minimalist bedroom, kitchen, or living room.

Or you may be wondering; how can I change the exterior of my home to look more modern while keeping the details of the coveted minimalist design?

If so, here are five great ways to dress any space in your home, including the exterior, to create a modern minimalist dream home! Grab your notebook because you’re going to want to save all your ideas as you gain inspiration from these modern minimalist designs below!

1. Minimalist Kitchen Design

Don't freak out! You don't have to start ripping out counters and cabinets to recreate your kitchen to embody a minimalist design. Easy touches to incorporate into your kitchen begin with the essentials.

Changing out the bar-stools, kitchen table, light fixtures, cabinet handles, and adding minimalist styled art is a great place to start if you're not ready for an entire overhaul.

You can find these unique modern accents at Wayfair. These accents are perfect for adding (quickly) to any modern minimalist kitchen. When creating your contemporary minimalist design, you want to remember simplicity, uniqueness, and usability are key.

2. Minimalist Bedroom Ideas

Constructing a minimalist bedroom is as easy as 1.2.3.

Pops of color and greenery are a must in a modern minimalist bedroom. Also, as the name alludes, you want your sanctuary of a bedroom to stay well minimal! Meaning de-cluttering and organization is in your future to create a beautiful modern bedroom.

Embracing the open spaces instead of filling the entire area will keep clean lines and leave room to layer without overdoing it. Use rugs, lighting, duvets along with throws to layer.

You will love these top-rated minimalist bedroom essentials from World Market. Remember, less is always more!

3. Minimalist Living Room

Your living room is the room everyone will notice right away. If you’re wondering where to start, it’s here!

Keeping your living room modernly minimalistic means choosing furniture low to the ground, and lighting in this room is crucial. You don’t always have to go with whites and greys, but traditionally they’re most popular.

Adding wooden elements are the perfect touch to any minimalist space. The wooden features deliver texture to the room, unlike any other piece you could add. Also, adding your favorite succulents, cactus or plants look gorgeous next to any shade of wood tones.

Check out this living room set and bestsellers from West Elm to get started.

4.Minimalist Home Office

Having a home office has never been more relevant than today. With many workers opting for stay-at-home alternatives finding an area in your home dedicated to your work may be vitally important.

A few things to keep in mind when choosing items for your home office. Whatever space you choose, try to pick an area in your home that allows for natural light.

Being close to a window means your senses will have a more challenging time going on auto-pilot as your work throughout your day and, if possible, let some fresh air in that you may otherwise not have had to work in the office downtown!

Allowing sunlight to come in will be easier on your eyes if working on a computer while giving your brain a nice dose of serotonin, allowing you to focus longer.

This area is probably the most important to choose a neutral palette. Don’t opt for pops of color where your attention could frequently drift.

Keeping things light and airy is especially important here. Explore this elegant yet straightforward home office bundle from West Elm.

5.Minimalist House (Exterior)

If you aren't building your own home from the ground up, you might be wondering how to transform your home's exterior to incorporate minimalistic features.

There are some cosmetic changes you can effortlessly implement to give your home a minimal design face-lift.

You'll want to add items like contemporary planters and a minimalist designed landscaping. You can achieve this look by using bamboo, birch, and echinacea. Also, mixing textures such as gravel, steel, wood, and concrete are good options for choosing planters and garden details.

While painting your entire home might be a bit of a stretch, painting the inside of your windowsills black gives a touch of modernity to any exterior.

Choosing an outdoor rug instead of opting for a welcome mat is iconic in minimalist design.

When selecting furniture for the seating area outdoors, you could choose something as large as a hanging daybed or go smaller and choose minimalist designed chairs and a small table.

Look below to be inspired for your perfect minimalist home exterior.

Now you have 5 great ways to start designing your perfect minimalist home both inside and out. Remember when going minimalist quality over quantity every time does the trick. Find which room is the most important to you and start there. Soon you will find your entire home is perfectly minimalistic!

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