First Impressions Matter

Here are some tips to help you sell your home

Whether you're selling your home, buying a new home or just hosting a party, I've found that when someone walks through your door there is a first impression one gets; similar to meeting someone new for the first time. You don't get a second chance to make a first impression (why its called the first impression) . I've complied a few things that I hope you find some value in provide you with some quick tips to make that great first impression!

If you were to sell your home right this second, are you prepared for buyers and agents to be walking through your door? Not many homes are already picture perfect when one makes the decision to put their home on the market. Your home might need anywhere from some minor touch-up or major renovations. Let's tackle one thing at a time and start with some things you can easily do to put your home's best foot forward.

Much of the time buyers make a connection to your home the moment they walk in, good or bad that's when it happens. Don't rely on buyers to use their imagination too see your homes potential. Let's focus on three key areas today to catch the eye and get your home sold!


Curb appeal—CLEARING trash from the street curb to your front door, removing oil stains in the driveway and repairing cracks and broken driveway pieces can do a lot for the drive up impression. If you have weeds growing up through the drive way, get those suckers out of there—TRIMMING shrubs that are close to widows will make rooms look brighter and show that you care about the place you call home. CUTTING your grass, weeding flower beds (adding some mulch) and pruning any dead trees that might be blocking your yard are pretty easy and most of the time can be handled by yourself. PETS–if you have pets, you know what to do—scoop the poop! WEATHER—If it's still wet winter weather, make sure you have your drive and walkway shoveled, and toss some ice melt so no one falls; that could really suck for anyone who doesn't like falling in cold wet dirty water or ice. Oh, one more thing— WINDOWS—make those shine and sparkle.