Viewing homes that you're prepared to buy is fun! And the process of showing you homes is an easy one and is one of my favorite parts of home buying. First before we go out and start looking we will need your "Golden Ticket" or  pre-approval letter. In today's market I can't write you an offer unless you're pre-approved. Offers just don't get accepted unless the seller knows your qualified and have the capacity to buy the home.  Once you're approved and we've shared some homes that fit what you're looking for we, will go out and take a look at whatever you'd like to see.

I always advise my clients to only see three to four at a time so that it doesn't get overwhelming. And sticking to your budget is important as seeing homes outside of your price range can lead to a) disappointment and b) you buying a home you cant afford. It's my goal to not let either of those two scenarios play out. 


Most importantly, at some point as we are seeing homes, you will walk into one and fall in love. You'll say "Oh my, this is the one" and at that point it's time to write up an offer! 

Come prepared to take some notes and if you're looking with a partner being on the same page is helpful. 

As an agent I have access to just about every home listed in the valley so getting in is no problem. 

There will be pro's and con's to almost every home you see, so knowing what your must haves are, and what your deal breakers are is something we should know before we go out on the hunt, yet know you're not beholded to anything, your mind might change from time to time as we go through the process.

Generally during our buyers consultation you'll get a pretty good idea of what you want so navigating that will be easy. As we prepare to go out I will need to give the sellers agent about 24 hours notice before we can see the homes you like. 

Your time is valuable and I don't want to waste it, so us being prepared will take time- wasting out of the equation!