Beverly Stoddard

I've always found  it a little strange to sum myself up in a bio as there are so many things that encompas the human self. Impartial self obeservation can be a tricky thing to nail down and with that said I'll do my best. 

Twenty years after an expansive and rewarding career in the natural foods industry.....

(Dramatic music) ,and due to the spontaneous nature of spirit there was a shift inside myself and a desire to not only create, but help people on a larger scale and in a greater capacity. 

I knew I had the ability to create a valuable  experience for myself and others through connection and it was time to expand on that.

(Cue in real estate) It was not my dream to be a realtor nor did I go  looking for it; oddly enough it found me, and after 17 years of being in the top of my field, scared to death I jumped into the this industry... from the feet up. 

I ​











I want to connect with you first which leads to understanding your wants, needs, and your vision as it relates, so that I can bring your home to life with passion  if your selling, and match you with the home that suites you and your familes dreams if your buying. ​​

I love homes. New homes old homes and all in-between, for me hold a beauty and intrigue that at times can go back generations and when I'm in a home, it's history and memories made  as well as future memories to be made, inspire me and seem to have endless possibilites. And possibility is a thing of grandur in my world. 

See, I told you summing myself up in a bio would be a challenging task and I've only scratched the surface.... enough about me, lets learn about you. 



Phone me up anytime.